Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another day before a day.

So for those of you I haven't spoke with in detail this fall- I have officially arrived at the pro level of cycling. It only took like 10 years. I guess that school thing was kinda my main focus there for awhile. Anywho... I spend a 3 day race weekend in Cinci beating my previous level competition by minutes and decided I need and should step it up again. That's the short story of all that.  

Today is anther day before another that I get to go play on my bike. Fresh off my pro win last weekend in the Ohio state championships, I am heading to L-ville in the morning for the KY state champs. Last weekend was fun, but I must have been "on" because I ended up riding around for 40 minutes alone out in front. I think ky will be another story because a great gal I race in mtb is signed up. Should be a good race, and of coarse I plan on coming out on top! I will have my hands full since I am full blown in the middle of the start of a cold. I woke this morning to textbook sinus virus. I can't decide if I should blame this on my kid company for the holidays or blame it on Zach E. who was sick last week in the car ride back from the race.  Anyway, the bags are packed and I on my way.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Here I go... from old school to new!

I'm stepping up to the now by getting with the program. I thought I would give the blog thing a try since I'm having trouble keeping up with people the old fashion way. I think this will be a good way to keep my peeps up to date and keep me up to date with my peeps. This will be a work in progress since this is all new to me. Hang with me and I will try to improve my blogging abilities as the days go by.